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Brianna Kemerer


My name is Brianna Kemerer and I am the former owner/founder of Spoiled Paws, Inc. I have loved animals all of my life and enjoy spending time with them. I started Spoiled Paws in 2002 because a year prior I was going on a vacation and my 6 month old puppy, Femi could not come with me. Unknowing, I took Femi to a vet to have her boarded for the weekend. I was devastated when I picked her up the following Monday to find that she was pawing and barking at the cage for days. She pawed so hard at the cage that her nails were at their quick. I felt like a horrible dog mom. I promised her that I would never let her spend another night in a kennel. She is now 13 and I have kept that promise! I also wanted to provide that convenience and promise to other pet parents.

In February 2003 I participated in a 9 hour PetTech seminar and was certified in Pet First Aid, CPR and Care. I am also certified in Pet First Aid & CPR through the Red Cross in December of 2003.

I am very passionate about nutritional care for my animals and my clients animals. I encourage all of my clients to feed the best possible food they can and in the process make them more educated. I also encourage all of my clients to titer their pets instead of vaccinating (except for Rabies which is the law). Pets are my passion and I will do my best to protect their well-being.

When I am not out spoiling pets you’ll usually find me at a dog show! I am very active in agility, conformation, lure coursing and obedience with my Pharaoh Hounds. We travel many weekends of the year and it is what I enjoy most about my job – the flexibility to spend time with my dogs!

Jeni Black


Jeni is now the owner of Spoiled Paws! Jeni came to Georgia to act as a live-in for her cousin’s family of five. With three small boys to help look after, she wasn’t sure what type of part time job she would find that could allow her to be available to the family that needed her help. Before pet sitting Jeni had always been a caregiver for special needs adults and the elderly. While searching Craigslist for this type of position, she spotted Brianna’s ad for a pet sitter and thought taking care of animals might be even more fun and flexible than anything she’d done before. Now, nearly two years later, Jeni has fallen in love with her special pets and they with her! She has a real connection with all of our clients and her love for the job shows in every visit she does. We are so happy to have found her… almost as happy as she is to have found us!

Stephanie Hammons

Petsitting Expert

Stephanie is our part-time sitter who has been with Spoiled Paws for one year. Stephanie has proven herself to be a most reliable and caring pet sitter.  Her attention to detail is a great asset to our company. She has yet to meet a fur kid that she didn’t like.