Spoiled Paws provides many services for your convenience. With each of our services we provide a Daily Diary that explains all the activities and time spent with your pet.

Spoiled Paws provides quality, reliable care for animals while their owners are away. In-home pet sitters allow the pet to remain in it’s own environment rather than taken to a kennel situation. We feed, play with, exercise, and clean up after your pets while you are away.  We will also provide a daily checklist of what was done in your absence. We also include:

  • Walking or favorite exercise
  • Scooping/changing litter boxes
  • Bringing in mail and newspaper
  • Picking up after your pet
  • Water inside houseplants
  • Set out and/or bring in trash bins
  • Alternate lights and blinds
  • Turn on radio or TV for pets
  • Administer medications


  • Your animals daily routine is maintained
  • It’s customary diet remains unchanged (we are knowledgeable with a raw (BARF) diet or homemade diet at no additional charge)
  • It is not exposed to illnesses, parasites or attacks from other animals
  • It is not traumatized by travel in a car or unfamiliar environment
  • We will administer medications as required on time
  • Your pet(s) receive love and personal attention while you are away


  • Your home is made more secure by crime deterrent measures
  • You can be secure in the knowledge that your pet is in capable and caring hands
  • You do not have to impose on a friend, family member or neighbor who might forget
  • You are not upset or inconvenienced by having to transport your pet
  • Pet sitters offer last minute service for those sudden unexpected but necessary trips
  • You do not have to stop mail or paper delivery
  • We can keep your appointment with the vet or the groomer while you are away, saving you the time and trouble
  • We provide your house with a lived in look!
To ensure your pet sit, please make your reservations at least 1-2 weeks prior to your trip. We are usually able to accommodate last minute trips but cannot guarantee.

Please call 678-871-PAWS(7297) or email Jeni for reservations.


$20 per Visit Morning or Evening Visit
$3 Each Additional Dog
$2 Each Additional Cat
$85 Overnights
FREE Initial Consultations
$20 Additional Return Visit
$12 Holiday Surcharge: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Easter
Payment is due before services are started 
  • Dogs are visited at *least* twice a day and cats at least once a day.
  • We do not service every other day cats.
  • If you have more than 5 dogs/animals, please call for a more accurate pricing.
  • Fish, Birds and other household pets follow cat pricing.


Mid-day Weekly Rates
(Monday thru Friday between 11 am & 3 pm)
$90 per Week Dog Walking/Playtime (5 consecutive days M-F)
$10 Each Additional Dog
$20 per Walk Dog Walking/Playtime (non-consecutive days)
$3 Each Additional Dog
Spoiled Paws can help with your hectic schedule! Give your four legged friend the attention he deserves! A daily walk/playtime can give your dog the fresh air & attention while you are away at work. We allow your dog to walk at it’s leisure & take necessary potty time. Our walks will vary upon your pet. Smaller dogs may need less of a walk time & more play time & big dogs are vice versa. Our mid-day visits last between 20 and 30 minutes.

We use positive encouragement training techniques with all our dogs.

Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind
  • A tired dog is a HAPPY dog!
  • Option of working late or going out after work without rushing home

Mid-day Walks Include:

  • Lots of love, attention & hugs
  • Fresh food and/or water
  • Petting and playtime
  • Bringing in the mail and/or newspaper
  • Treats given


If you have never had a pet sitter before have no fears! We love to meet our new Spoiled Paws kids! Here are a few things to have prepared when your pet sitter comes to your home:

Please have 2 sets of keys made. We keep a permanent set in our office and another goes with the sitter. If for some reason the sitter is locked out (doors can be tricky!) we will always have a spare and rest assured your pet will always be taken care of. If you are not able to make a additional key, a $5 fee will be charged to have one made.

We do not accept garage door openers as a permanent access into home. Our number one priority is your animal. Garage doors do not work in the event of a power loss and therefore we will happily go through garages but will also need a key to the house.

We do not job share. We must be the only care takers for your pet while you are away. Please do not ask friends/neighbors/co-workers to come into your home to care for your pets while you are away. Our insurance does not cover others in the house and we will not accept the assignment. We must come to your house at least twice a day for dogs and once a day for cats.

Please make sure all front porch lights are in good working condition. It is unsafe for us to come to a dark front door or inside. Adequate lighting is a crime deterrent for you and safety for us.

Lights will be left on outside and inside for the sitters safety. Please make sure that all front porch and entry way lights are working.

We will need important phone numbers so please have your address book handy.

If you have an alarm, please have a code ready to test and use when we are at the house.

If you have a dog that we cannot touch on the consultation we will require a re-visit when the owner is not home. If we cannot touch your dog and if they become ill there is no way to get them proper veterinarian attention. If you have a dog that is aggressive toward people and does not like people in the home then the best possible place for them is a boarding facility. We do not care for dogs who are aggressive toward humans. Likewise, we also do not care for cats who attack unknown people in the home. Again, the best place for these animals is in a boarding situation or with someone they know.

Sitters will double check to make sure all doors are locked upon departure. All doors (including garage door) will be locked. If you do not want these doors to be locked please request such in writing.

Payment for your pet sitting visits are due at the time of the consultation. If you are requesting dates over a holiday we require payment at the time of the consultation that is not refundable. Holidays are our busiest times of the year and we do not overbook and turn away clients when we have reached capacity.

There are no refunds for early returns. Spoiled Paws does not over book clients. We give each individual client their own time slot. We turn down potential clients that could have filled your slot.

Dogs kept in crates MUST be visited 3x per day. No exceptions!

We will water up to 5 indoor plants complementary. All outdoor and additional indoor plants are charged $3 extra per day.

Relax. Your pet is in the best hands while you are away!